Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards

Named for the dean who launched the program in the 1980s, Karen T. Romer, SPRINT|UTRAs provide students with valuable academic experience that prepares them for graduate study and that contributes directly to course development at Brown.

Working in close collaboration with Brown faculty, students translate their academic knowledge into hands-on practice that results in the production of new knowledge. Faculty benefit from the assistance and perspectives undergraduates bring to their work.

How to Apply

Brown's Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs) allow students from all disciplines in their first to fourth years to work with faculty on diverse research and teaching projects. Explore the benefits, eligibility, and financial support of UTRA opportunities.
UTRAs support various types of projects between Brown students and faculty. While most students collaborate with professors on research during the summer months, they may also apply for grants to support the creation or revision of a course, international projects, and in some cases, research during the academic year. 


UTRA is part of the family of SPRINT (Summer/Semester Projects for Research, Internships and Teaching) awards that support experiential learning by providing students with access to funding and opportunities both on campus and around the world.


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